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E Mail Marketing

A popular and cost effective way to reach your customers.

This form of communication can be used to keep in touch with your customers, do you have a new product, are you having a sale or do you just want to let them know what is happening with your business by sending them a newsletter

How will e-mail marketing benefit YOU?

With these great advantages, it is clear that email marketing is something for your business to consider. Don’t miss out on the benefits, call today on 0775 495 1201 or email Julie to get started on  creating your email marketing campaign right away!

It’s quick!

Email marketing is one the quickest forms of communication. It enables you to provide customers with immediate information and also allows instant access to their replies and queries.With email marketing, you can receive responses to your marketing campaign almost immediately, compared to the speed of direct mail campaigns which can take up to 12 days for a response.

Save you money

Sending emails is an economical way of marketing business products and services. Historically, most small businesses create special offers, promotions and reminders for their customers, in the form of printed material.

Joules Design can convert this material into email format saving on print and postage expenditure. Sending an email does not cost anything. Once your template is set up, when you want to send a new one, you can easily add new information.

Target the right audience

Email marketing allows small businesses to target the right audiences. Also, email campaigns contain links to subscribe and unsubscribe, which makes it convenient to separate interested subscribers from the disinterested ones.

It’s convenient

It is convenient. Email marketing lets you locate links to important products and services in the position most likely to grab the readers attention.